Garment we can proudly say is made in Africa.

Founders Story

The sister founders of WAWI stand on the shoulders of many generations of an entrepreneurial family that has been actively engaged in the textile and fashion sectors for nearly a century. Their grandfather sold second hand cloth from Asmara to Ethiopia, their uncles started and scaled a garment manufacturing company, and most importantly their mother owns a traditional cloth business for more than 30 years. They created WAWI Fashion from this lesson.

WAWI is a fashion and lifestyle brand with a vision to bring together artisans, culture, and fashion to introduce the world to the authentic and diverse stories of a modern Ethiopia. Every product created by WAWI tells an authentic lived story of people living in Ethiopia and across Africa.

By empowering local creators and artisans to tell their own authentic Ethiopian story WAWI has built a fashion platform that introduces artisan inspired Ethiopian designs to the world.